Dispute resolution

Kvale's lawyers strive to resolve cases - both inside and outside of the court system.

The vast majority of dispute cases that Kvale is involved in do not end in a judgment. When the temperature is high, there is little desire for compromise. However, what appears to be an important matter of principle today may not always remain that way after a few years in the court system. We see it as part of our assignment to help resolve cases with the least possible conflict and cost. Through a multitude of major, lengthy and complex disputes, we have acquired a great deal of experience with tactical and strategic advice within dispute resolution.

If a case cannot be resolved voluntarily, the next step may be litigation. If so, Kvale’s litigation department is ready to assist.

Our services include:

  • Negotiations.
  • Tactical and strategic advice.
  • Litigation assignments before the district court, court of appeal and the Supreme Court.
  • Litigation assignments before arbitral tribunals.