Mineral resources

Kvale's lawyers assist traditional mining operators and companies planning to extract minerals from the seabed.

Our clients include national and international mineral companies and we are involved in several of the major industrial projects linked to mineral extraction in Norway. Our team provides continual assistance with agreements relating to development and operations, off-take agreements, regulatory advice and financing of mineral projects. We are regularly involved in major transactions in the sector, and assist players in all phases of the operational activities.

Norway's oil and gas activities started on the continental shelf more than 50 years ago and relatively large deposits of other important minerals such as copper, zinc and cobalt have been discovered on the seabed in recent years. The Act relating to Seabed Minerals was inspired by the Petroleum Act and, due to our many years of providing assistance to the oil and gas sector, traditional mining operations, and shipping/offshore enterprises, Kvale is in a unique position to provide operational advice to companies that are expected to be part of what could become a new Norwegian “industrial adventure”.

Our services include:

  • Establishing activities in Norway.
  • Contact with government authorities.
  • Transactions.
  • Financing.
  • Regulatory advice relating to the Minerals Act, Act relating to Seabed Minerals, expropriation laws, real estate, environmental laws and other regulations.
  • Compliance, including assistance with establishing and following-up the company’s management system.
  • Development agreements.
  • Operating agreements.
  • Off-take agreements.
  • Termination of business activities, including clean-up responsibility.