Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution are becoming an increasingly more common alternative to ordinary court proceedings and arbitration. In many instances, alternative mediation is regulated in commercial agreements, but we also see that parties are agreeing to attempt mediation as an alternative to a lengthy and costly court process when a dispute has arisen.

In 2020, 21% of the civil cases decided in Oslo District Court were mediated. Of these, 76% were settled. The mediation expertise of both lawyers and judges has increased considerably in recent years. At Kvale, we have followed up this development by having a strong focus on conflict management, mediation and alternative dispute resolution in our internal training. We also have a strong focus on sharing experience gained through mediation and alternative dispute resolution. For the members of Kvale's litigation department, mediation is as much a part of their everyday work as dispute resolution in courtrooms.

At Kvale, Jan-Erik Sverre is a legal mediator certified by the Norwegian Bar Association and a member of the panel of external judicial mediators for Borgarting Court of Appeal and the subordinate courts. Jan-Erik Sverre, Andreas Stang Lund and Nicolay Skarning have completed the Harvard negotiation course.

Lasse Hagen and Torkel Børnes were part of the working group that prepared the NOMA Mediation Terms, Model Mediation Agreement and Model Mediation Clause.

Our services include:

  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Conflict management
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Litigation assignments