Food law and other regulatory assistance

Kvale's lawyers assist national and international companies with regulatory matters relating to foodstuffs, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other requirements that apply for manufacturing products.

Kvale has specialist expertise in providing regulatory assistance relating to food law, life sciences and adjacent fields, and we are the only Norwegian law firm that is a member of the Food Lawyer Network.

The applicable requirements for manufacturing foodstuffs and other products are becoming increasingly more detailed and complex. Norway essentially complies with the EU requirements and we closely monitor the legal developments. We have extensive experience in assessing whether goods can be legally traded in Norway, reviewing product information, and contact with government authorities in connection with complaints, notices and applications, as well as complaints to the ESA.

Our services include:

  • Classification of food, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.
  • Assessment of whether product information satisfies the statutory requirements.
  • Assessment of the substitution list.
  • Assessment of marketing and labelling of food, such as compliance checks and assessment of health and nutritional claims and other claims
  • Formulation and follow-up of notices and applications for the addition of vitamins, minerals and "other substances".
  • Assessment of regulatory requirements and approvals relating to production, processing, storage, import/export and distribution.
  • Negotiation and formulation of contracts, for example, for import, outsourced production, distribution, agency and sale.
  • Novel food.
  • Recalling products.
  • Complaints and other contact with government authorities.
  • Assessment of the principles for mutual approval when importing goods originating in the EU/EEA.