Marketing law

Kvale's lawyers have specialist expertise within legal issues relating to marketing, including both marketing law requirements that apply for consumers and issues that apply between businesses.

Our clients include leading international and Norwegian companies, however we also assist small and medium-sized companies, as well as entrepreneurial companies that are in the process of establishing themselves in the market.

We have extensive experience with marketing law, and this includes everything from classical marketing campaigns and consumer terms and conditions to the use of influencers and digital tools to market products and services in innovative ways. We closely follow the trends and can provide good and effective assistance in connection with crossover issues involving marketing law and data protection.

Our services include:

  • Assessing whether marketing activities are legal, including whether the activity may involve hidden advertising or otherwise be misleading.
  • Advertising that targets children and young people, for example, the Norwegian Food and Drink Industry Professional Practices Committee.
  • Assessment of legal issues that apply between businesses, such as imitations and good business practices.
  • Direct marketing and use of personal data.
  • Consumer terms and conditions such as those that apply for e-commerce.
  • Assessments of comparative advertising.