Distressed M&A

Kvale's lawyers have specialist expertise in M&A, insolvency and bank finance.

Turnaround transactions

We assist with the purchase and sale of companies that are “in the red”, have unmet capital requirements, or are illiquid or insolvent. A feature of this type of transaction is that the seller/target company is pressured for time as a result of an urgent need for liquidity, defaulted debt and/or lost equity.

Our specialist expertise within restructuring, insolvency and industrial M&A enables us to provide fast, assured and efficient assistance within Distressed M&A.

We help identify and mitigate risk, and "tailor" the risk trade-off between buyer and seller in a distressed M&A situation.

Our services include:

  • review and analysis of the target company from a solvency/insolvency perspective,
  • targeted company review/DD, including transaction history, debt repayments, renegotiated agreements and terms, company decisions, transactions with related parties,
  • analysis and assessment of future financing and working capital,
  • managing suppliers, customers and employees,
  • choice of transaction form,
  • negotiating and preparing transaction documentation.