Competition law

Kvale's lawyers provide practically-oriented advice to national and international companies on all matters pertaining to competition law. This includes both proceedings involving the competition authorities and private actions.

Kvale's lawyers have specialist expertise in EU/EEA competition law and regularly work with complex and prestigious cases concerning anti-competitive collusion, abuse of dominant position and mergers and acquisitions. Our lawyers have extensive experience with competition law matters, ranging from competition policy work and enforcement of the competition rules by the competition authorities to practical advice to clients who require our specialist expertise.

Our clients span a wide range of different industries and markets, particularly telecommunications, the food and beverage/consumables industries, life science, energy and media.

Our services include:

  • Merger cases: assessment of duty to report, infringement analysis, preparation of competition report and follow-up by the competition authorities.
  • Appeals and court proceedings in connection with decisions by the competition authorities.
  • Preparation and quality control of various production, distribution and joint venture agreements to ensure that these are in compliance with the competition rules.
  • Practical advice linked to the exchange of information and different forms of project collaboration.
  • Risk analyses, complaints on behalf of market players exposed to violations of competition rules and applications for mitigation (exemption from fines) to the competition authorities.
  • Investigations and checks by the competition authorities, including assistance while securing evidence and recording statements.
  • Strategic assessment of actions and market behaviour that may be in violation of the prohibition against abuse of dominant position.
  • Training and introduction to topics and issues relating to competition law.
  • Establishment and evaluation of compliance programmes.
  • Legal proceedings relating to violations of the competition rules, both involving the Norwegian Competition Authority and private actions.
  • Actions for damages following sanctions imposed by the competition authorities (follow-on actions).
  • Competition law investigations for private and public companies.