Oil and gas

Kvale’s top ranking oil and gas team assists energy companies and suppliers with regulatory advice, offshore contracts, project assistance, transactions and dispute resolution in all phases of petroleum operations.

There is a strong focus on reducing overall carbon emissions, and the “green transition” presents both opportunities and challenges for the players in the petroleum industry. We work closely with our lawyers within renewable energy, climate and the environment and shipping/offshore. The ability to effectively utilise our combined expertise ensures that we will continue to strengthen our position as a leading provider of operational and cost-effective advice to the players in the petroleum industry.

Our services include:

  • Establishing petroleum operations in Norway, including assistance with the process of prequalification as a licensee;
  • Regulatory advice, including petroleum law and standard joint venture agreements and accounting agreements;
  • Dispute resolution, including international arbitration;
  • Transactions, including transfer of shares in production licences;
  • Fabrication contracts, including project assistance;
  • Drilling contracts and drilling services;
  • Subsea contracts;
  • Gas sale contracts, including LNG;
  • Unitisation agreements, including redetermination;
  • Tie-in agreements for fields and installations;
  • Removal of decommissioned installations; and
  • Petroleum tax.