Kvale's lawyers regularly assist Norwegian and international clients with arbitration.

Arbitration is an alternative to dispute resolution before the ordinary courts and is widely used, particularly between professional, commercial parties. A number of Norwegian and foreign standard contracts contain provisions for arbitration. There are several reasons for this. Arbitration is a quicker process than proceedings before the ordinary courts, the parties can influence the selection of arbitrators and the arbitral awards are easier to enforce abroad. Several of Kvale's lawyers have extensive experience from arbitration in Norwegian and English, both as appointed arbitrators and lawyers.

Arbitration has some particular characteristics when compared with proceedings before the ordinary courts. The various arbitration institutions also have their own procedural rules. Multiple litigation assignments, appointments as arbitrators and membership of networks such as NOMA, JUC and ICC have enabled us to acquire a great deal of experience with the different systems.

Per Conradi, Andersen, Christian Poulsson, Nicolay Skarning and Gunnar Stake-Larsen have all completed the Danish Bar and Law Society’s arbitrator training programme.

Our services include:

  • Litigation assistance within arbitration.
  • Assignments as arbitrators.
  • Conducting arbitration at Kvale's well-suited premises.