EU law

Kvale's lawyers have strong expertise and extensive experience in general EU/EEA law.

The four freedoms and other EU/EEA law

Kvale's lawyers regularly assist private and public enterprises in matters concerning whether various regulations and schemes are in compliance with the fundamental rules in the EEA Agreement pertaining to the free flow of goods, services, people and capital.

Kvale has considerable expertise in EU/EEA regulatory issues that are constantly evolving, and are of increasing importance for government authorities and the business sector. With extensive experience from complex cases within competition law, state aid and public procurements, our lawyers have an overview and a deep understanding of how the four fundamental freedoms of EU/EEA law apply and interrelate.

Our services include:

  • Assessments of whether private and public measures, conduct, laws and regulations are in compliance with the four freedoms pursuant to EU/EEA law.
  • Assessments of rights and obligations that originate from EU directives and regulations covered by the EEA Agreement.
  • Assessments of the EEA Agreement's rules pertaining to state trade monopolies and equal treatment.