Information technology and data sharing

Information technology and data sharing

Information technology and software

We assist both buyers and suppliers of information technology and software with entering into agreements for the procurement and development of software, operating agreements and consultancy agreements.

We have extensive experience with recognised Norwegian standard agreements that are used in the industry, such as governmental standard agreements (Statens standardavtaler - SSA) and ICT-Norway's standard agreements. We have also prepared a number of model clauses that supplement the most common standard agreements.

The sale and purchase of companies often give rise to issues involving technology, licensing and rights. Intellectual property rights in technology are of vital importance in most transactions and we have extensive experience in identifying legal risks in transactions and how these can be resolved prior to a transaction or play a part in the valuation of companies.

Information technology and software are becoming increasingly linked to data. We always take a holistic approach to issues concerning the use of information technology and software in order to assess rights and other associated issues such as data protection and privacy.

Data sharing

Data sharing is now very widespread and closely linked to the use of digital technology. We regularly provide assistance in data sharing issues to ensure that the parties protect their rights to use data, while also protecting important commercial data from unintended use. Data protection and privacy are always part of this work, however our focus is also on the use of data that does not include personal data.

Many operators harvest and collect data and can protect their databases through copyright (database rules) and agreements (trade secrets). We have experience with protecting such rights to databases and the licensing of use, both commercially and for purposes of public benefit such as research, teaching, etc.

We have developed model clauses and standard agreements that can be used to regulate data sharing between parties.

Our lawyers have also contributed to international discussions and publications on the use and sharing of data for artificial intelligence and have been part of the expert panel for Digital 21, the Norwegian government's advisory platform for digital innovation.

Our services include:

  • Strategic assessments in connection with the development of software and technology.
  • Protection of copyright and internet/IT related matters.
  • Clarifying rights for the use of software, data and other technology.
  • Licensing of software and data (based on different standards, for example, open source and Creative Commons licenses).
  • Negotiations for and formulation of all types of agreements and tailoring these to manage risk and ensure commercial freedom of action.
  • Dispute resolution before the courts.
  • Strategic assessments of data use.
  • Data protection and privacy (GDPR).