Public procurement

Kvale's lawyers provide assistance in all parts of the procurement process.

Each year, the public sector purchases billions of kroner in goods and services. These purchases must normally comply with the rules that apply for public procurements. Kvale has specialist expertise within procurement law and assists purchasers and suppliers at all stages of the procurement process. The assistance to purchasers gives us particular insight into the purchaser’s needs and knowledge of how suppliers can increase their chances of being awarded contracts in competitive tenders.

This assistance is provided in all industries, however the majority of our clients operate in the health and pharmaceutical sector, energy, ICT, transport, food and household consumables, real estate and construction.

Our services include:

  • Preparing the procurement strategy and tender specification, including stipulating good, targeted qualification requirements and award criteria.
  • Assistance during and quality assurance of the evaluation process.
  • Negotiations.
  • Assessing whether tenders/suppliers should be rejected.
  • Completion of the competitive tender through letter of allocation and possible assessment of whether the competitive tender should be cancelled.
  • Handling of access, complaints and disputes in relation to providers, the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA), national courts and the ESA and EFTA Court.
  • Follow-up of contract execution.
  • Preparation and quality assurance of standard documents, templates and routines for procurements.

Our services to suppliers/providers include:

  • Review of tender specification and formulation of questions to the purchaser.
  • Quality assurance of tenders to prevent rejection and increase the chance of success.
  • Negotiations.
  • Complaints and legal proceedings against the purchaser, appeal bodies and courts.