Kvale's lawyers have extensive experience with investigative assignments for both the private and public sectors, and assist a number of companies as an external whistleblowing channel.

If there is suspicion or notice of misconduct at a company, difficult decisions must often be made promptly and under serious pressure in order to ascertain what has occurred and to determine whether criminal offences have been committed.

Kvale has several experienced lawyers who conduct investigations and advise the boards and management of companies in connection with investigations into misconduct. We provide assistance when the company itself has to conduct internal investigations and when the company or employees may be the subject of investigations/supervision from government authorities or other bodies. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in assisting individuals who are directly impacted by investigations into misconduct.

At Kvale, we focus on conducting investigations that are efficient and economical and which ensure that necessary due care is shown to all of the parties involves. We comply with the Norwegian Bar Association's rules for private investigations.

Our services include:

  • Investigations of alleged misconduct.
  • Advice to companies, management and individuals under investigation.
  • Contact with the government authorities that are carrying out supervisory activities.
  • Advice in connection with receiving notifications.
  • Prevention through the preparation of whistleblowing routines, ethical guidelines, HSE regulations and necessary internal control measures.
  • Procedures for accessing employee e-mail accounts and server areas.
  • Ensuring the necessary confidentiality in sensitive cases.
  • Services such as external whistleblowing channel