Per Conradi Andersen

Partner / Lawyer (H)

Per Conradi Andersen has worked as a lawyer since 1995. He has substantial competence and experience in counselling and procedures within norwegian power supply, IPR, including patents, trademarks and cases of copying, and contracts/property.

Per was co-author on the Commentary issue to the Law of Energy, 1 and 2 Edition, and has written a number of articles for journals. He has for several years been a member of the Law Committee for Planning and Building legislation of the Norwegian Bar Association and was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2005. Per Conradi Andersen have several board positions in businesses within industry and trade.


Commentary issue to the Law of Energy, 1 and 2 Edition

(Kommentarutgave av Energiloven, 1. og 2. utgave) (Co-author)

1992, 1995

Thesis on european energi supply in a EU legal perspective

(Avhandling om europeisk energiforsyning i et EUrettslig perspektiv), publish in Legal Issues of European Integration


Article on patent law

(Artikkel om patentrett) in Memorial volume for Norsk Hydros Legal Department


Various article in the Journal for Business Law and Professional Journal  Energy/Europower 

(Tidsskrift for Forretningsjus and Fagtidsskriftet Energi/Europower)

Various articles in foreign journals