Tourism and leisure industries

Owners, investors and operators in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries face unprecedented legal challenges. Kvale has worked with the major players in the business for several years – including during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our team has broad industry experience and insight and is experienced in working both on domestic and cross-border issues. Drawing on the vast expertise of our practice groups, our lawyers can advise on all matters and proceedings relating to the tourism and leisure industries.
Our core client base consists of owners and major operators in the Norwegian tourism and hospitality industries, but we also regularly advise investors and service providers.

Kvale's team has advised on development of destinations and resorts, hotels, ski resorts, and cruise ship business. Kvale has had a prominent role relating to several of the most high profile transactions in these industries over the last years.

As Norway and the rest of the world went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have worked with several major industry players in adapting the business and securing a basis for future operations. At the same time, we have worked with others seeing the potential for entering new markets. With our deep industry insight gained over a many years, we have been uniquely positioned to advise and assist in this challenging phase.

Our services include:

  • Structuring and establishing co-operations on the ownership and investor level, including joint venture
  • Development of destinations and resorts
  • Commercial contracts, including for developing and operating resorts
  • Mergers and acquisition, including asset transactions
  • Financing of acquisitions, capital expenditure and ongoing operations
  • Licensing, permits and public law matters
  • Sale of alcoholic beverages
  • ESG and regulatory matters relating to sustainability
  • Insolvency protection schemes, package travel legislation and handling of traveller's rights for operators

Utvalgt erfaring

Romsdalen AS og Romsdalsgondolen AS

Videreutvikling av Romsdalen som attraktiv reiselivsdestinasjon gjennom etablering av den spektakulære Romsdalsgondolen. Vår bistand har bestått i tilrettelegging og gjennomføring av Romsdalsgondolen.

Norway's Best Holding AS

Sammenslåing mellom Myrkdalen Fjellandsby AS og Norway's Best Holding AS (tidligere Aurland Ressursutvikling AS). Kvale har håndtert de juridiske forhold knyttet til sammenslåingen, samt jobbet tett med selskapet i etterkant.