Kvale's employment law team consists of experienced, skilled and service-minded lawyers who provide practical advice within all facets of individual and collective employment law.

Several of Kvale’s lawyers are specialised in employment law and therefore provide both a high degree of flexibility and assuredness for all assignments and clients. Kvale primarily takes assignments for the management and HR departments of private and public enterprises, however also provides ongoing assistance to private individuals, organisations, associations and municipalities.

Kvale’s lawyers are committed to finding good, practical, long and short-term solutions to the client’s problems. Due consideration must be paid to the specific employee or employees who may be involved, while the employer is obligated to provide a good working environment for all employees. Normal operations must also be maintained and the company’s reputation safeguarded. Kvale's lawyers recognise the client's need to have employment law issues resolved efficiently and discreetly, and endeavour to find solutions that protect all of the client’s interests.

Our lawyers are also fully committed, and the form, scope and time-perspective of all services provided are adapted to the needs of the client. Our lawyers always deliver by the deadlines that have been set and in accordance with what the client has requested.

Kvale's lawyers are also very active in specialist employment law groups and regularly publish articles and texts on issues that are of key importance to employment law. The most recent books that have been released are “Permitteringer under og etter koronapandemien” (Temporary redundancies during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic), Hegnar (2020), "Sykefravær" (Sick Leave), Universitetsforlaget (2019), "Oppsigelse – skritt for skritt"(Dismissal - Step by Step), Hegnar (2019) and "Permittering, nedbemanning og sluttpakker" (Temporary Redundancies, Downsizing and Severance Packages), Cappelen Damm (2017).

Our services include:

  • Dismissals
  • Restructuring/downsizing
  • Temporary redundancies
  • Transfers of undertaking
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Final agreements and other negotiations
  • Whistleblowing and conflict management
  • Follow-up of persons on sick leave and absence due to illness
  • Employment agreements and other agreements
  • Incentive schemes and competition clauses
  • Hiring, consultants and temporary employment
  • Collective employment law/collective agreements
  • Litigation assignments, including before the Supreme Court and the Labour Court.
  • Pensions