Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence – Anti-Corruption 2022

Lesetid: 1 min

Partner Gry Bratvold og associate Tobias Kilde has written the Norwegian chapter in Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence – Anti-Corruption 2022. The publication includes a collection of articles from 13 countries.

The article deals with Norwegian corruption legislation and its enforcement, as well as trends and developments in the field. Lexology Market Intelligence is a series of interviews that will give the reader insight into different legal fields and their development, in different jurisdictions around the world.

MI - Anti-Corruption - Norway.png

The article can be read via PDF below.

Published with permission from Law Business Research Ltd.


Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence provides a unique perspective on evolving legal and regulatory landscapes in major jurisdictions around the world. Through engaging, easily comparable interviews, the series provides the legal profession's thought leaders with a platform for sharing their views on current market conditions and developments in the law.