Kvale rangert av IAM Patent 1000

Kvale tilbyr spisskompetanse innen immaterialrett, og firmaets kompetanse får nå flott omtale av IAM Patent 1000 under kåringen av “The world’s leading patent professionals 2017“. IAM rangerer årlig ledende IP firmaer globalt. Omtalen bekrefter firmaets posisjon i Norge som et sterkt immaterialrettsmiljø.

IAM Patent fremhever at “Commercial law outfit Kvale has earned a distinguished reputation for the results it consistently secures for domestic heavyweights in the thorniest disputes and is also a preferred choice for myriad international clients with Norwegian interests. Its potent litigation squad was further bolstered with the 2016 arrivals of highly regarded duo Anne Marie Sejersted and Marie Vaale-Hallberg.”

Både Anne Marie Sejersted og Marie Vaale-Hallberg, begge rekruttert inn som partnere i 2016 for å styrke immaterialrettssatsningen, får svært god omtale i kåringen.

Anne Marie Sejersted “A dedicated counsel with an impressive record, she is quick to understand and identify the most important technical aspects of patent cases. She is a star individual.”

Marie Vaale-Hallberg “is an authority on all things relating to food law and life sciences.”

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