Kvale`s Whistleblowing Channel

A trustworthy whistleblowing channel is the safest method to ensure that the company is notified of irregular actions and to prevent irregularities and censurable conditions within the company.

The Norwegian Working Environment Act (“WEA”) requires employers to make arrangements to enable their employees to notify censurable conditions at the company. In accordance with the WEA section 2 A-6 companies with at least five employees are obliged to develop internal notification procedures. Companies with fewer than five employees are obliged to develop internal notification procedures if the conditions at the company so indicate. Also, employers will have a duty to ensure that the notification is adequately examined “within reasonable time”, c.f. the WEA section 2 A-3.

Kvale can offer an effective and secure system to ensure the handling of such notifications and to ensure that all communication in relation to the notification is handled in a serious manner. The reports are treated with strict confidentiality and reports can be done anonymously.

The whistleblowing channel can be implemented as a part of the company’s internal whistleblowing system for employees and/or function as a whistleblowing channel for suppliers and other company business connections.

As part of the whistleblowing channel, we can draft written internal company procedures and offer follow-up and advisory services in the event of reports of censurable conditions at the company. Also, we can arrange seminars and information courses for the employees with regards to the whistleblowing channel and the rules and regulations relating to it.

For more information about our whistleblowing channel or a specific quotation, please contact our specialist lawyers Jan-Erik Sverre and Catriona Elisabeth Vågen McIntyre