Trademark – protect your unique advantages

Our team of experienced trademark experts stand ready to help you protect your trademark.  We invest in getting to know you and your company’s specific needs to put together a strategy which is tailor-made and perfectly suited for you. This way we make sure that we can best assist you with all aspects of the process – from application to protecting and enforcing your trademark rights.

Kvale can assist you with:

  • Availability search
    Is your trademark available and can you gain exclusive rights?
  • Registration
    Filing of application(s) for your trademark(s).
  • Portfolio management
    We keep track of your trademarks and make sure your portfolio is optimal
  • Strategy
    We help you develop an effective strategy for your company’s trademark(s).
  • Surveillance
    We can monitor your competitors and protect your trademark rights against infringers.
  • Contracts
    We write and negotiate contracts, including licence agreements.
  • Enforcement
    We make sure your rights are enforced
  • Dispute resolution
    We assist in disputes for the courts and governmental bodies

Your unique trademark could potentially be one of your company’s most valuable assets. It can help build trust and loyalty with your customers. Often it can be the decisive factor for why customers prefer your products or services over your competitors’. That is why it is so important to take ownership and to secure your trademark rights.

It takes time, effort and knowledge to build a strong trademark. Kvale’s trademark experts have long experience and can help you navigate. We have experience across many sectors and markets, making it possible for us to provide a tailor-made solution perfectly suited you and your company. Kvale is known for offering services of the highest quality whilst at the same providing the most cost-efficient advise. We will keep you updated throughout the process to make sure there will be no surprises when you are presented with the bill.

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