Our Intellectual property, digital innovation, IT and technology practise

Our team has extensive experience and sound expertise in assisting Norwegian and international clients in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, design rights, company names and copyright. In addition to handling complex and large patent disputes, we also manage trademark portfolios.
In the e-com sector we regularly assist with all types of regulatory issues, such as sector-specific market regulation/competition law in mobile and broadband markets, licensing and spectrum authorisations, contracts, transactions and relations with public authorities.

We have a strong focus on data protection and privacy, and regularly assist on regulatory compliance with all aspects of GDPR and security regulations, data agreements (such as data processing agreements, data sharing agreements, co-operation agreements relating to usage of data and sharing of results; and big data issues, in particular in relation to adaptation of new technologies such as machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence.

We have significant experience with cyber security issues. We advise several clients on the scope and application of current regulations (NIS directive, GDPR, Security Act, ePrivacy directive, PSD2 etc.), compliance with current regulation and developing internal procedures for incident response/management and investigations. We also  assists clients with dispute resolution and incident management/security breach notifications cases involving regulatory authorities (Data Protection Authority, National Security Authority, Norwegian Communications Authority and ESA (EFTA Surveillance Authority).

In the IT sector, Kvale provides particular assistance with drafting and negotiation of all types of agreements, including cloud services, outsourcing, development of systems and software, service and maintenance, management and operations agreements and consultancy agreements. We have in-depth experience with the common Norwegian standard agreements such as the SSA (standard government agreements), IKT-Norge and others.

In the media and culture sector we assist media agencies and production companies with distribution agreements, managing intellectual property rights problems, content responsibility. We regularly assist clients in the arts and entertainment business. Our clients include digital distribution companies, production companies, record companies, artists/entertainers and other right holders.

Our team

Our core technology and IP team comprise 12 practitioners, with seven partners.

We believe that a deep understanding of the technology and commercial market practises and the client’s needs, combined with our long experience and specialist knowledge of technology related legal issues, are key to find the best solutions for our clients.

We are efficient, enthusiastic, easy to work with, pro-active and focus on mitigating current and future risks. We are used to handle complex and challenging cases in a cost-efficient way and combine a high professional level with an open and informal atmosphere.

We invest significant time in keeping up to date with developments in this constantly changing field in order to provide the best expertise.

We enjoy working in teams with our clients and external experts. A number of our projects are multi-disciplinary and we always ensure that the project teams consists of sector experts and experts in litigation, competition law, M&A, tax, employment law, finance etc. Several projects involve complex economic issues (valuation, pricing, calculation of damages etc) and we are well accustomed to identifying and co-operating with external experts.

Our team is highly ranked in Norwegian and international directories, and our lawyers are active contributors to the IP and tech law community and regularly hold lectures and participate in legal organisations. We also co-operate closely with academic institutions.

Who we work for

Our client portfolio within this practice spans from smaller tech companies to major market players in Norway and international companies and law firms.


  • Protection and enforcement of copyright patents, designs, logos, company names, trademark
  • IP strategies
  • Dispute resolution (ordinary courts, dispute resolution bodies, alternative dispute resolution and arbitration) and regulatory complaints/investigations
  • Sector-specific market regulation, competition law and other regulatory issues
  • Data protection/GDPR compliance, documentation
  • Cyber security/Information security;
  • Contact with regulatory authorities (information security, data protection, licensing, spectrum authorisations, etc)
  • Digital innovation projects, digital collaboration platforms
  • Big data, data sharing and licensing (e.g. for machine learning and artificial intelligence)
  • Machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence,
  • Outsourcing and insourcing of technology
  • Drafting and negotiations of typical agreements in the various sectors


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“Historically strong in the TMT sector.” CHAMBERS 2016