Our team of lawyers has the extensive experience and in-depth expertise needed to assist both Norwegian and international clients seeking to protect intellectual property rights, such as brands, designs, trademarks and copyrights. We cover every aspect of IT/technology, telecoms and the media.

Since these areas of the law are constantly changing, we make sure we are constantly up-to-date, so we can always provide our clients with the best specialist expertise.

Within the IT field, we have experienced lawyers who assist both buyers and sellers of software and hardware. This includes helping to negotiate and frame bespoke contracts as well as adapt standard contracts to the client’s specific needs.

We are always available, and work closely with you as the client. In the area of intellectual property rights, our lawyers offer day-to-day advice and assistance covering everything from the preparation and submission of applications for registration and the negotiation and framing of contracts, to litigation before the courts.

In the field of telecoms, Kvale assists several of Norway’s largest companies with regard to regulatory compliance, traffic sharing, licence applications and industry-specific marketing law.

Kvale also offers in-depth expertise with regard to the media sector, and assists several well-known companies in areas such as sponsorship and advertising, film and television production, book and news publication. In addition, we represent our clients in matters relating to the arts and entertainment, including a selection of record companies, artists and performers.