Kvale has long experience and considerable expertise in supplying services that meet the needs of the entire financial sector. Kvale is commissioned and recommended by leading banks and brokers on matters ranging from regulatory compliance and day-to-day advice on issues relating to securities trading legislation, to complex restructuring programmes, national and international financing arrangements, transactions and IPOs.

We have one of Norway’s largest insolvency and restructuring practices, and specialise in refinancing and intercreditor relations, as well as the securing and recovery of investment assets.

Kvale has an extensive insurance practice, and is retained by Norwegian and international insurance companies to handle cases relating to liability, personal injury and property damage, including litigation before the courts. In addition, Kvale assists with the establishment of debt collection activities in Norway, regulatory compliance for debt collection agencies, etc.

Kvales Corporate Group regularly assists national and international blue-chip companies in connection with the acquisition and sale of businesses in Norway and abroad. Through the use of small teams with a high proportion of experienced attorneys, we provide high-quality and effective commercial services.

Trade and industry

We place great emphasis on understanding the individual clients’ business imperatives and the sectors in which they operate. We assist undertakings along the entire trade and industry value chain, providing advice in connection with contract law issues, the negotiation and framing of contracts, procurement, protection of intellectual property rights, compliance, public law and regulatory matters, as well as issues relating to competition law and the EU/EEA.

Our lawyers have experience as advisors for manufacturing and retail companies, which market their products through various forms of vertical and horizontal collaboration. Our clients operate in a number of different sectors and industries. These include manufacturers and major national retail chains, industrial and service companies, employers’ organisations, trades unions and various trade associations.

Kvale provides assistance in connection with all kinds of intermediary relationships, such as distributor agreements; distribution, provision and agency agreements; logistics agreements and activities associated with such intermediary relationships.

We assist our clients with government relations, contract negotiation, dispute resolution and litigation before the courts.

Oil and energy

For more than 35 years Kvale’s attorneys have been providing help and advice to a wide variety of companies in the petroleum sector. We have a longstanding and extensive collaboration with Norway’s largest oil company, and assist many other Norwegian and international enterprises operating on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Kvale assists clients with every aspect of the petroleum business, including prequalifying as a rights-holder, exploration, partnership agreements, field development, production, the sale and transport of oil and gas, the transfer of shares in fields and the winding up of petroleum activities.

Attorneys from Kvale were involved in the framing of the Petroleum Act and its associated statutory regulations, and have co-authored the standard textbooks on Norwegian petroleum law (“Petroleumsloven” and “Petroleumsregelverket”). Kvale offers specialist expertise with regard to the regulations on safety in the industry, and high-level competence in the area of petroleum taxation.

Our team has assisted with numerous transactions linked to the renewable energy sector, and has in-depth knowledge of the Industrial Concession Act, the Watercourse Regulation Act, the Energy Act, the Electricity Certificates Act and the Water Resources Act. Our attorneys regularly advise on inter alia waterfall lease arrangements, wind power projects and various power trading arrangements, both in Norway and abroad.

We assist undertakings engaged along the entire value chain relating to hydro power, wind power, solar power and other renewable energy sources. Kvale has extensive experience in a wide range of issues concerning production, distribution and sale of electricity.


Our technology team has extensive experience and the in-depth expertise required to give the best advice to Norwegian and international clients seeking to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. The same applies for every other aspect of IT/technology, telecom and media law, where we offer top tier competence across all fields.

The tech sector is constantly evolving and so are the legal issues and framework. We strive to ensure that our team is always up-to-date on both the current legal landscape as well as where future developments are heading. This enables us to always provide our clients with the best specialist expertise and advice. We maintain constant readiness and availability, and our partners will always work closely with you as the client.

Within IT, we have experienced lawyers who advice both buyers and sellers of IT software, hardware and services. This includes negotiating and drafting bespoke contracts, as well as adapting existing standard contracts to the client’s and situations specific requirements. We have a leading practice focusing on digitalisation and so-called industry 4.0.

Our IP practice is comprehensive and performs day-to-day advice and assistance covering the entire field of trademarks, designs, copyright and patent as well as unfair competition.

In the field of telecoms, Kvale is a leading adviser, and assists several of Norway’s largest companies on a daily basis with regards to regulatory matters, primarily sector-specific market regulation, data protection, contracts, M&A corporate work and interaction with the authorities.

Kvale also offers in-depth expertise with regard to the media sector, and assists several well-known companies in areas such as advertising, sponsoring, film and television production and distribution and publishing of books and news in print and digital format. Finally, we represent clients in matters relating to the arts and entertainment, including museums, record companies, artists and performers.

In addition to non-contentious work, we have a strong tech litigation team for contentious matters.

Shipping and Oil Service

We assist a wide specter of players within the Shipping and Oil Service industry, including shipowners, charterers, managers, insurance companies, asset managers, lenders and other parties within the industry.

Our approach to the legal issues at hand is characterised by a broad industrial knowledge, and we are familiar with the commercial realties facing our clients.

We advise on:

Maritime emergency: +47 22 47 97 80

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Kvale advises a wide range of leading national and international Life Sciences companies.  Our main clients are in the pharmaceutical sector. We advise big pharma and midsize companies, wholesalers, pharmacy chains and retailers. Kvale also has a leading practice concerning nutrients to humans and animals. In addition we have key clients in biotech.

The main legal challenge for life science companies is the comprehensive and wide-ranging public regulation of ia. product R&D, sales and marketing, distribution, procurement and price, as well as use and product liability.  The legal issues faced while undertaking business in the sector are often complex and distinct, requiring specialized advice. The industry knowledge and experience embedded in the Kvale team is therefore key.

Our life science team has top-ranking lawyers with different expertise, covering the entire sector. Working in client-tailored teams, we can call on all the necessary skills to provide high end value added legal and strategic advice to all industry players.

We advise life science companies on intellectual property matters, sector specific marketing law, competition law and public procurement, specialized regulatory matters, R&D, specialized personal privacy and data protection. We also give general business law advice and have experience from several top tier M&A/Corporate transactions in the sector.

Our assistance includes:

Real estate and contracting

Over the past 15 years, Kvale has built up a substantial legal practice with wide-ranging expertise in all aspects of real estate and contracting. Kvale offers comprehensive advisory services with respect to the various issues encompassed by this area of the law.

Our attorneys advise on contract law issues and assist with the practical buying and selling of property, the legal and regulatory processes involved in property development, as well as the day-to-day management of real property. We regularly assist leading undertakings in the property field. This includes commercial enterprises, local authorities and private individuals.

In addition to matters of contract law, our department handles property rental and home-ownership issues, problems relating to the Sale of Property Act, the Planning and Building Act and the Residential Property Construction Act, as well as disputes between neighbours.

The team assists undertakings along the entire value chain in the building and construction industry. This has given us valuable insight into the sector, which enables us to offer sound commercial, strategic and legal advice. We provide property owners and developers, investors, project designers, suppliers and contractors with day-to-day assistance in connection with the framing and quality assurance of contracts, contract negotiations and final settlements.

Our lawyers have extensive experience of negotiation and litigation relating to real estate and construction projects, including the resolution of property law disputes through arbitration.

The team holds courses on the contents of industry standard contracts and various issues relating to the performance and conclusion of construction contracts for the various parties concerned.