Kvale assists Maersk Drilling with the sale of the rig Mærsk Inspirer to Havila Sirius

Kvale acts as legal advisor to Maersk Drilling in a complex transaction involving the USD 373 million sale of the rig Mærsk Inspirer to Havila Sirius. The licensees of the Yme field, represented by the operator Repsol, will as part of the transaction lease the rig from Havila Sirius, and will have responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the rig.

Credit: Mærsk Drilling A/S

Mærsk Drilling will deliver certain transitional services to the Yme licensees, which also include the transfer of certain employees to Repsol. Maersk Drilling will post closing also provide drilling management services for a firm period of 12 months, and the management fee is additional to the USD 373 million purchase price. The transaction is subject to applicable approvals from authorities and completion of offshore commissioning of the rig.

For more information, see link to news release from Mærsk Drilling: https://investor.maerskdrilling.com/news-releases/news-release-details/maersk-drilling-announces-agreement-divest-maersk-inspirer/