Measures taken by NoMA due to Covid-19

The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) is continuously applying measures to secure the access of necessary medicines in Norway. It is now, due to Covid-19, introduced rationing and a limited delivery of certain prescription drugs to ensure fair distribution of available medicines and to prevent hoarding. Restrictions on parallel export of medicines are also decided.

The restricted medicines are listed on NoMA’s website and the list is, when needed, being updated on work days at 13 pm. Wholesale dealer licence holders must stay updated on the content of the site linked below at all times but extraordinary updates will be alerted to wholesalers through e-mail.

Rationing and restrictions on prescripted drugs

Certain medicines have restrictions on sale and delivery due to danger for the public health. Restrictions apply to both wholesalers and pharmacies. The restricted medicines are listed in the link above under “liste over produkter med rasjonering”.

Obligation to notify and prohibitions on parallel export

Restrictions on parallel export are also implemented. Wholesalers are obligated to notify NoMA on parallel export of certain medicines. Notice must be given if the medicine concerned is listed under “Liste over produkter med meldeplikt” to be found in the link above.

The notice must be given by using the form linked below at least 3 working days prior to the parallel export. NoMA will then do an assessment and, if relevant, prohibit the exportation by updating the prohibition-list within 3 working days. 3 working days are to be understood as 72 hours from the time of notice, not counting Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

As of March 25th, the only medicine prohibited from parallel export is vaccines for streptococcus pneumoniae/pneumococcus. Be notified of any changes made to the lists by registering through this form

Notice form for parallel export.