Covid-19’s impact on NIPO’s operations

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) informs they are maintaining normal operations during this period. This means proprietors must follow up their cases as normal – also considering deadlines. However, NIPO will implement possible measures within the legal framework to support those affected by the situation. These measures include deadline extensions and re-establishments of rights.

Deadline extension

NIPO will grant a deadline extension to persons requesting this, due to Covid-19. The internal instuction on granting deadline extensions applies to the deadlines in the application process and to correct formal errors. The extensions apply only to deadlines set by NIPO and not to statutory deadlines. The request for a deadline extension must be received by NIPO before the deadline expires. For designs and trademarks, an extension of at least two months will be granted while patents will be granted a two-months extension.

Re-establishment of rights

If you have failed to meet a specific deadline and lost your application or granted/registered right due to Covid-19, you may request re-establishment of your right. In this request, you must briefly state that the delay was unintentional and caused by Covid-19. NIPO will accept these requests without further questions. Please note that the normal deadlines for requesting re-establishment still applies.

Further, The Customer Service Centre is open as usual but offer only preliminary search services with ordinary delivery times (no express deliveries) until further notice.–information-from-nipo/