Whistleblowing service

A trustworthy whistleblowing service is the safest method of being notified of irregular actions and preventing irregularities and censurable conduct within the company.

The Norwegian Working Environment Act requires employers to make arrangements to enable employees to warn about censurable conditions. In accordance with Section 3-6 of the Act, employers must, as part of systematic HSE work, establish procedures for internal notification of censurable conditions in the workplace.

In partnership with the Whistleblowing Centre, Kvale can offer an effective and secure system for the handling of whistleblowing communications. The whistleblowing service can form part of the company’s internal whistleblowing system for employees, or also function as a whistleblowing channel for suppliers and other business connections. The whistleblowing service enables any such communication to be handled in a serious manner that is considerate of both the whistleblower and the company. Furthermore, the company maintains control of the information, thereby helping to prevent leaks to the press or other rumour-spreading that can damage the company’s reputation before the management has had the opportunity to resolve any censurable situations. The service can accept whistleblowing communications anonymously, 24 hours a day, by electronic message through our website or the company’s own website, intranet, personnel handbook, etc.

We can also arrange for whistleblowing communications to be accepted in person or by post, by phone, by text message or by e-mail.

As part of the whistleblowing service, we can establish internal written procedures for whistleblowing within the company and offer follow-up and advisory services in the event of whistleblowing communications being received, as well as information courses for employees on the regulations and use of the whistleblowing service.

For more information about our whistleblowing service or a specific quotation, please contact our specialist lawyer Charlotte Bang-Hansen.