Much of Kvale’s client work is international in nature. We advise multinational companies and other undertakings with existing or planned operations in Norway, as well as Norwegian companies with foreign operations. Kvale’s lawyers are regularly appointed as arbitrators and mediators in international dispute resolution proceedings and other cross-border disputes.

Kvale has well-established relationships with reputable law firms in many jurisdictions, and is a member of leading international legal and expert networks covering a range of industries and specialisations. Kvale is a member of the following international networks:

To ensure optimal service provision to German-speaking clients, Kvale has established a dedicated German Desk staffed by fluent German speakers. The lawyers on the German Desk handle a wide range of projects requiring knowledge of the German legal system.

Kvale advises more than 20 legal assistance insurers and their clients on insurance law, contract law, damages law and companies law, and conducts many related litigation assignments.

Thanks to the international knowledge and experience of its staff, and cooperation with international partners and networks, Kvale can advise Norwegian and international clients on all aspects of international legal matters. We also provide seamless solutions in multi-jurisdictional cases.