Vibeke Hansen

Vibeke Hansen works with accounting for the administration as well as for the restructuring and insolvency department.


Reidun Axman

Reidun is administrative secretary, and has worked in Kvale since 1992. She was employed by on of the predecessor to what we know as Kvale today.  Reidun is one of few who knows the company and its history the best. She is, in addition being a secretary, responible for the invoicing of the company as well as other superior administrative tasks.


Tone Anita Wæhler

Tone A. Wæhler works as a secretary for various departments (Procedure, Corporate, IT, Property/Contract, Tax) in addition to being responsible for parts of the invoicing of the firm. 


Mette Reininger

Mette Reininger works as secretary across the departments in Kvale and is in charge of the travel bookings and the office supply.


Margareth Nerdrum

Margareth Nerdrum works as an accountant at Kvale.

Marius Belstad

Marthe Kjus

Marthe Kjus mainly works as a secretary in our restructuring and insolvency department assisting the lawyers with various tasks in relation to the bankruptcy proceedings.


Martine Dokken


Merete Presterud

Merete Presterud is chief accountant of the Firm.


Kari Sandberg

Kari Sandberg works with accounting in the restructuring and insolvency department and as coordinator for joint properties.