Restructuring, insolvency and investigations

Kvale possesses extensive experience in performing investigations in both the public and the private sectors. Our investigations and compliance team is made up of lawyers who, together, represent a full range of our various fields of legal expertise. To ensure an effective investigation process, we adapt our method and tools in accordance with the size and complexity of each case. We have an excellent network of partners in the fields of auditing, accounting and data security, whom we work together with on major investigations.

Kvale also offers preventive advisory services, evaluation of companies’ internal procedures and assisting with drafting new ethical frameworks and codes of conduct, decision-making processes and strategies for handling especially demanding situations.

In partnership with the Whistleblowing Centre, Kvale can offer an effective and secure system for the handling of whistleblowing communications. The whistleblowing service can be set up on the client’s website or elsewhere, and can provide complete anonymity if required. Establishing a whistleblowing service reduces the risk of financial irregularities. See here for more details about our whistleblowing service.

Inheritance and succession planning

The field of inheritance and succession planning is growing increasingly complex. This is partly attributable to a rise in overall prosperity, which has resulted in higher net worth and assets, including assets relating to personally owned businesses. In addition, succession planning increasingly encompasses financial and other assets located abroad. In addition to helping business owners plan and implement the transfer of control to their chosen successor, our lawyers focus particularly on finding estate planning solutions that meet each client’s specific requirements. The lawyers working in this field at Kvale have considerable experience of litigation in connection with contested wills and other inheritance disputes.

We assist with:

  • Estate planning, including succession planning in connection with family-owned businesses, in order to create optimised structures from a tax point of view.
  • The drafting of wills.
  • The execution of wills, including acting as executor or helping designated executors complete the probate process and distribute the Deceased’s estate.
  • The resolution of inheritance-related disputes.
“absolutely outstanding with regards to bankruptcy work.” CHAMBERS EUROPE 2017