Public law is a wide and complex special field. Good guidance depends upon a thorough knowledge of public work and the particular rules of law, which Kvale has.

Our lawyers give assistance to local governments, wholly-owned or partly owned public enterprises and private parties on the entire width of administrative law and of the remaining issues within public law.  This includes planning and building law, expropriation, infrastructure, public liability, administrative law in general, law of local government and health, school and social-/welfare law.  Kvale has entered into general agreements with several municipals.

Kvale has substantial experience in the decision-making processes in the public administration and with preliminary works for political decisions.

We give assistance in negotiations and are also counsel for municipals and private parties in legal disputes for all instances.

We assist with:

  • Case work in administrative law, disqualification and issues regarding right to information
  • Application processes
  • Assistance to public body when complaints from the general public
  • Competitive tendering
  • Company law and cooperation between public sector activities
  • Open tendering
  • Negotiations and contractual issues
  • Processes in the courts