Kvale advises a wide range of leading national and international Life Sciences companies.  Our main clients are in the pharmaceutical sector. We advise big pharma and midsize companies, wholesalers, pharmacy chains and retailers. Kvale also has a leading practice concerning nutrients to humans and animals. In addition we have key clients in biotech.

The main legal challenge for life science companies is the comprehensive and wide-ranging public regulation of ia. product R&D, sales and marketing, distribution, procurement and price, as well as use and product liability.  The legal issues faced while undertaking business in the sector are often complex and distinct, requiring specialized advice. The industry knowledge and experience embedded in the Kvale team is therefore key.

Our life science team has top-ranking lawyers with different expertise, covering the entire sector. Working in client-tailored teams, we can call on all the necessary skills to provide high end value added legal and strategic advice to all industry players.

We advise life science companies on intellectual property matters, sector specific marketing law, competition law and public procurement, specialized regulatory matters, R&D, specialized personal privacy and data protection. We also give general business law advice and have experience from several top tier M&A/Corporate transactions in the sector.

Our assistance includes:

  • Medicine for humans and animals
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy and pharmacy license
  • Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Marketing of health products/foods
  • Ethics
  • Administrative law
  • Organisation of businesses
  • Patient rights
  • Responsibilities and duties for health personnel