Judgement of the EFTA Court in the case between Holship Norge AS and The Transport Workers Union

Kvale’s lawyers Nicolay Skarning and Kristin Hjelmaas Valla represent Holship Norge AS in a case against the labor union Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund (NTF). NTF demand that Holship enter into a collective agreement granting dockworkers priority right to perform loading and unloading services at the port of Drammen. Holship want to perform the stevedoring operations themselves, using their own employee, and decline to sign the collective agreement. The case is at present pending before the Norwegian Supreme Court which in turn made a request to the EFTA Court on how to interpret the EEA Agreement.  

The EFTA Court has now pronounced a judgement affirming that the EEA Agreement on freedom of competition and freedom of establishment apply to the collective agreement. The Norwegian Supreme Court will try the case later this year.  

Judgement of the Court

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