IAM Patent 1000 ranks Kvale in its 2021 ranking

Lesetid: 1 min

Kvale has received the highest ranking in the category litigation and transactions in IAM Patent 1000 ranking 2021 for Norway.

The ranking states:

When life sciences titans clash with key competitors, Kvale can frequently be found in their corner. For example, it recently brought home a victory for Mylan and Sython against Teva and Yeda Research and Development Company after a six-day hearing at the court of first instance. A key architect to this success was Ingvild Hanssen-Bauer;

one of the most appreciated litigators in the country with an incredible ability to grasp complex technical issues. As a result, she elegantly counters questions from expert witnesses in cross-examinations and brings new angles of attack to each case. IAM Patent 1000

Further contentious firepower is provided by Marie Vaale-Hallberg;

whose strong market status comes from her in-depth expertise, knowledge and in-house background. She presents her arguments most impressively and her knack for strategies only strengthens clients’ positions. IAM Patent 1000


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